In Delaware, elections are overseen by the Delaware Department of Elections.

Check your Voter Registration status and find your Polling Place:



Registering to vote in Delaware:

  • Registration must be received by the 4th Saturday before a Primary or General Election.

  • Register by mail or in person. You may fill in the application online, but you must print and mail it.


Primary Rules:

  • Closed Primaries, meaning you must belong to a political party to vote in their primary.

  • To vote with a new party, voters must change their party in May of the primary year (that's almost six months before the election!).


Ways to Vote:

  • In Person on Election Day

  • Absentee (Applications due the Friday before election day. Voting is available by mail and online, depending on the kind of voter. If you are military or oversees, check your options here. If you are sick or have a disability, check your options here. If neither of these describe you, apply for an absentee ballot here.)


Know Before you Go:

  • Non-photo voter ID is required to vote.

    • Options include valid Delaware Driver's License or ID card Current Utility bill, bank statement, or government pay stub.

    • If you cannot get an approved form of ID, contact Spread the Vote for assistance at www.spreadthevote.org.

  • If you are not listed in your local polling place's voter rolls, you may ask for a provisional ballot.

  • Polling Hours:  7:00am-8:00pm

  • Department of Elections: (302) 739-4277