Election Day 2019

Election day this year is Tuesday, November 5th, 2019.


Find Out What Elections Are Happening in your State

Midterms are over but that doesn’t mean our work as voters is. Check out our guide to which elections to look out for in 2019!


learn about your ballot and find your polling place

Our soon-to-launch state election guide will have plenty of detailed state-by-state voting information, but here are some simple links for quick, easy-to-access ballot and polling info:


Double check the voting hours and ID requirements in your state

Make sure you know when you're voting and what you'll need to vote. In every state you can vote on a provisional ballot if you don't have appropriate ID, but it's better to go in prepared.

In several states, there are organizations that can help you obtain an ID if you don't have the appropriate kind.

*Don't see what you need? Additional voter Id resources are available at voteriders.org.


Send an election day reminder email to your friends and family

We'll help you craft the perfect Election Day email, not to mention give you ideas for texting and posting on social!