Building Your Team

Voting in an informed manner isn’t always easy, but with a Vote Captain on your side, it gets much easier. We’ll do whatever we can to help you get your team, and by extension your community, to the polls!


What is your “team”?


Your “team” is the list of voters you’ve personally committed to keeping informed and getting to the polls on Election Day.  Your team can be any size, but make sure it’s a manageable number of people since you’ll be personally checking in with them throughout the election season. We recommend starting with five to 10 people.

Your team can include of friends, family, colleagues, classmates, shopkeepers, or anybody you feel comfortable approaching with election information. We’ll help you keep in touch with them about election dates, candidate info, and anything else they need to know to vote.


Who should be on your team?


Your team should be comprised of friends and family who share your values but need an extra push to get to stay on top of the news and get to the polls. You can also include people from any political background that you want to start a productive dialogue with, even if you don’t agree on everything.  Finally, politically engaged friends and family are a good idea to add if you think your outreach will help them learn out how to reach out to their own team.



What if the people on my team don’t agree with me on everything?

We encourage you to consider including friends and family you think need encouragement to vote regardless of their party affiliation. In the short term we of course want to get voters that share our values to the polls, but in the long term we also want to make sure everybody is engaged in the electoral system.  High turnout is ultimately good for everybody, so instead of getting angry, we believe in focusing on making sure the people in your life vote in the most informed manner possible. Sometimes just being engaged in the process is a worthwhile first step.




Once you have a team, head over to THE CHECKLIST, where you will find out what to do next!