We want YOU to get your friends and family to the polls.

We'll be here to help.

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A lot of people feel overwhelmed on Election Day. As a Vote Captain, you can make sure the people in your life don’t.


With so much going on in Washington, figuring out what you can do to make change is more difficult than ever.  But one thing is always true:

No matter who the president is, our future hinges on how many people get out to vote.

That's why we've created a system that gives you the tools to get your community out to the polls on election day. With our help, you'll pick a team of people  - friends, family members, colleagues, anybody you think needs an extra push to vote - and usher them through the election process, from registering to prepping to voting. It's an easy and fun way to have a direct impact!


Vote Captains are regular people who have decided to take on the responsibility of making sure the people in their life vote in every election, every time.


We’re here to support you with:

An Election Outreach Checklist

Voting Information and Research Resources

Outreach Materials

Advice on Talking to Friends and Family About Politics and Voting