2019 Elections To Watch

Odd year elections may not be as sexy as even year elections but this year’s should be a compelling run-up to the 2020 elections.  Election Day will be Tuesday, November 5, 2019.  Here are some races to look out for (but make sure to double-check their dates - local races are not always held in November):


Governor’s Races

·     Kentucky

·     Louisiana

·     Mississippi


State Legislative Elections

·     Louisiana Legislature

·     Mississippi Legislature

·     Virginia General Assembly

·     New Jersey lower house of Legislature


Major City Mayoral Elections

·     Charlotte NC

·     Chicago IL

·     Dallas TX

·     Denver CO

·     Houston TX

·     Indianapolis IN

·     Jacksonville FL

·     Kansas City MO

·     Las Vegas NV

·     Memphis TN

·     Nashville TN

·     Philadelphia PA

·     San Antonio TX

·     San Francisco CA

·     Tampa FL


Local Elections

Local elections will be happening everywhere.  Check out if your mayor, supervisor, city or town council, or school board are up for election.  Some communities elect highway supervisors or town justices on off years.  If you contact your County Board of Elections or Auditor, they will be able to tell you which offices are up for election in 2019.

While off year elections may not seem as important as even year elections, they can be engaging and a good way to get into voting practice for 2020.