Wondering how to watch Election Results on November 6, 2018?

Polls close at different times in different states on election night. It’s nice to know what to expect and whether a blue wave is forming. We’ve figured out a way that you can know the order that polls close and follow races that Politico has deemed important. Check out:

Polls will begin to close at 6:00pm EST with Indiana and Kentucky. We’ve listed governor, senate, and house races that you might want to follow. At 7:00pm EST, Georgia and Florida will begin to kick in with governor’s races. The action will really get going after the 8:00pm EST closings. Governor’s races in Connecticut and Kansas and Senate races in Missouri and Texas will be on the table. Keep in mind that results from states with two time zones may not come in until an hour later. 9:00pm EST is also a bid deal with Arizona, New York, and Wisconsin. California polls close and 11:00pm EST and the only state left for midnight closing is Alaska.

Will it all be over by midnight, probably not. Depending on how close the results are in different races, the counting can go on for days. But keep in mind, if an election is called with music and fanfare at the top of the hour as the polls in that state are closing, it could be good news if it is a candidate you support.