VoteWithMe Can Help You Find Your Team

We want to make sure our Vote Captains have the best tools for the job, and that means making sure they know about the tech that can make their voter outreach work easier. To that end we’re beginning a series on the blog in which we’ll highlight one of our tech partners and ask to them about their service and how it can be used by Vote Captains.

First up us VoteWithMe, an app that helps identify friends and contacts that could use an extra push to vote. We spoke to Sarah Sullivan, Deputy Director of the New Data Project (the organization that developed and built the app) to ask about what VoteWithMe does and how our Vote Captains can use it.

How does Vote With Me work?

VoteWithMe is an app that, using public data, shows you which of your friends need to get out to vote.  It shows you your friends who can vote in swing districts. And it shows you who didn't vote in 2014 and 2016.  You can also look up your own voting history. Then, the app prompts you to reach out to your friends with a reminder to vote via text.

Rather than trying to get strangers out to vote, VoteWithMe gets your own friends out to vote.  In a random controlled trial we ran in the PA-18 Conor Lamb election, we found VoteWithMe to be 20x more effective than other common GOTV methods, like phone banking.

How can Vote Captains use Vote With Me?

After voting yourself, using VoteWithMe is the most impactful action you can take to get more people out to vote on November 6.  Vote Captains can spread the word about VoteWithMe and get more people to get their friends out to vote.

Vote Captains can:  

  • Use VoteWithMe to get their own network out to vote

  • Ask their friends and family to download and use VoteWithMe

  • Host a VoteWithMe party, where they invite friends over to use VoteWithMe in a group setting

Is Vote With Me partisan?

VoteWithMe can be used by anyone as it doesn’t endorse any particular candidates or issues.  VoteWithMe is trying to get more people out to vote, especially folks who are typically underrepresented in voting, like young people.

Who are its creators and what inspired it’s creation?

The New Data Project (NDP), a 501c4 nonprofit, built VoteWithMe.  NDP was started in 2017 by a number of former Silicon Valley technologists and others behind President Obama's White House tech team.

NDP was inspired to build VoteWithMe after studying the efficacy of prominent get out the vote tactics and learning that trying to get your own friends out to vote is far more effective than trying to get strangers out to vote.  So, NDP built a thing to help you more easily get your friends out to vote.

Is it free?

Yes!  VoteWithMe is 100% free.

Where can people find it?

In the iOS and Android app stores on your phone. OR right here:

And check out the other great tech tools on our outreach resources page!