In Arkansas, elections are overseen by the Arkansas Election Division.

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Registering to vote in Arkansas:

  • Registration must be received 30 days before the election.

  • Paper registration only, but can be requested online here. Form must be mailed in or returned in person.


Primary Rules:

  • Open Primaries, meaning any voter can vote in any party’s primary or elect to vote on a nonpartisan ballot.


Ways to Vote:

  • In Person on Election Day

  • Early (Available 7 or 15 days before the election, depending on the type of election, at state county clerk offices. More information here.)

  • Absentee (Application must be returned by mail at least 7 days prior to the election or received in person by the day before the election. Excuse is required but criteria is not stringent. Learn more and request a ballot here.)


Know Before You Go:

  • ID is required to vote, but extent of the ID law is being worked out in the courts. Be prepared just to be safe.

    • As of now, acceptable IDs must show the voter’s name and photo, be valid of expired within the last four years, and must be issued by either the state or federal government. A free voter verification card is available through the Secretary of State’s office or your county clerk for any voter who does not have another ID valid for voting.

    • Acceptable forms of ID include a driver’s license, a photo identification card, a concealed carry handgun permit, a U.S. Passport, a student ID or employee badge from an accredited postsecondary institution, a military ID, a voter verification card, or a public assistance ID that shows a photo of the cardholder.

  • If your name does not appear in the precinct registered voters list or you are unable to provide an approved ID, you can still cast a provisional ballot. If you forgot to bring ID, you may bring it to your local election office by the following Monday.

  • Polling Hours: 7:30am-7:30pm

  • Voter Hotline: (800) 482-1127