In Alabama, elections are overseen by the Alabama Secretary of State.

Voter Registration Status and Polling Place Lookup:  



Registering to Vote in Alabama:

  • Must register at least 15 days prior to the election

  • Register by mail, in person, or online


Primary rules:

  • Open Primaries, meaning any registered voter, regardless of which party they are registered with, can vote in any party’s primary. Voters can only vote in one primary.


Ways to Vote:

  • In Person on Election Day

  • Absentee (Application must be received by Sec. of State by mail or in person at least 5 days prior to Election Day. Request an absentee ballot here.)


Know before you vote:

  • ID is required to vote. Free voter photo IDs are available at these locations

    • Accepted forms of ID include any valid state-issued ID, passport, government employee ID, valid student ID, military or tribal ID.

  • Polling hours are 7:00am-7:00pm

  • Alabama Votes state voting hotline: 800.274.8683